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Forgotten Weapons: State of the Channel 2018

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Ian presents the 2018 YouTube trailer video for this channel in this episode. He introduces what Forgotten Weapons is all about — a video channel run alongside his website, ForgottenWeapons.com — where he looks at the history and mechanics of old guns and other similar weapons.

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He says he doesn’t look at all aspects of every gun, but what he discusses are the interesting and important historical, developmental, or mechanical aspects of the firearms he finds. These are primarily military and cartridge-based firearms, although there are some unique exceptions. He does touch on some very common and widely-used weapons, as well as the more obscure and rare ones from around the world. He tries to put the discussions in their contexts so that they are more understood.

Ian says he always hopes to give a certain amount of depth and cover certain things that viewers and gun enthusiasts may not be familiar with. He works with a variety of sources to get the guns he presents. Some are from his own private collection, but most come from an assortment of other private collectors, museums, law enforcement agencies, and most of all, auction houses.

For 2018, he says he’ll do his best to maintain the everyday video posting schedule, although it might get difficult due to the amount of work he’s doing. Ian says he’s got several trips planned, so expect videos from South Africa, mainland Europe, including a tour of battlefields in France, and he’ll also be there for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

As to content, he’ll keep presenting firearms, of course, but he’s expanding to book reviews, Forgotten Weapons shorts that are basically Q&As frequently-asked questions, and most exciting of all, the publication of his first book, which is a reference guide to French rifles for collectors. If all goes well, the book should be available for pre-order by the end of this year.

He also touches quickly on YouTube policies, and the uncertainty their changes might bring, and recommends other channels for weapons.

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