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Freedom Munitions ammo – does it work well?

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In this episode of the Military Arms Channel, Tim talks about Freedom Munitions ammunition. Very rarely does he do ammo-based reviews, but he decided to talk about it since some of his viewers mentioned their disappointment regarding the product in relation to his previous review of the Remington RP9.

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He tried shooting the ammo with randomly-chosen handguns, including the Canik TP9, Colt 2000, Ruger American, CZP10C, H&K P7, Sig Sauer P320, Steyr M9-A1, and Uzi Model B. The ammo worked with all the guns. The RP9 had problems with the exact same ammo and some people have commented that the problem was not the gun, but Freedom Munitions. He created the video for the sole purpose of dispelling the rumor that Freedom Munitions was the cause of the problems that the RP9 has.

According to Tim, he shoots thousands of rounds of ammo a month. He fires more ammo than the average shooter, which means that he will not show or endorse a product that he’s had personal problems with. Since the channel is his unbiased opinion, what works and doesn’t work for him may not be the same as his viewers. He doesn’t invest emotionally in products or brands. The vast majority of the guns he uses in his videos are guns he personally owns or his friends have lent him. He doesn’t need gun manufacturers to supply guns to provide content because he has a gun store. He will always be brutally honest because he thinks that is his selling point.

In conclusion, Freedoms Munitions ammo is not the cause of the malfunctions he experienced with the Remington RP9, which he demonstrated by shooting 9 different firearms with the same 124gr. Tim has never had any problems with Freedom Munitions ammo. He has stated time and again that his opinions are not for sale and that he calls it as he sees it. Companies do donate ammo, but his videos aren’t about ammo. The ammo is just used to show that the guns work.

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