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FULL AUTO – RARE Owen Sub Machine Gun | The Gunny & Kirsten Joy Weiss

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This episode is about the Owen Sub Machine Gun or Owen Machine Carbine, an extremely rare gun. The gun used in the episode is only one of two found in the United States. Kirsten Joy Weiss collaborated with Gunny to discuss the unusual creation story the gun.

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The Owen Machine Carbine is originally from Australia and was developed right around World War II by Evelyn Owen. The inventor was in his early 20s, tinkering in his dad’s garage, when he first developed a .22-caliber that had a huge rotating drum. Although it was very rudimentary, he took it to the Australian military and asked them if they wanted to use his design. Unfortunately, they said no. He got discouraged and enlisted in the Australian military.

His story would have ended there had it not been for his neighbor and machine shop owner, Vincent Wardell. Through a stroke of fate, Wardell came over and found the gun just leaning up against the house. Impressed, he took it to the Army Inventions Board in Australia. At the time, Germany had just defeated France and Japan was getting hungry for the Pacific. They knew that they were relying too much on their old guns, so they decided to take a look at Owen’s design and then went on to develop the Owen Sub Machine Gun.

The Owen is a 9x19mm Parabellum gun that holds about 33 rounds. However, it’s not recommended to load it up completely because it will feed better if it’s not fully to capacity. The sights are offset and a little awkward, but it shoots well. One of the benefits of the magazine being on the top is that gravity aids loading. The heaviness of the gun ends up conter-balancing the rate of fire in full auto. The camo and pink pattern is standard issue for the Owen Sub Machine Gun because it was mainly used in jungle and tropical warfare. The gun’s rate of fire is 800rpm with a maximum effective range of 135 yards.

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