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In this video, 22plinkster shows viewers his favorite airgun – the FX Streamline, which he says is a nail driver. He remarks that he has been getting into airguns for the past few months, and this one was sent by Airgun Depot.

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The FX Streamline is an entry-level rifle, but that doesn’t mean this is an inexpensive weapon. He says that those familiar with FX will already know that while they make really good products, they are in a rather high price range.

This FX is a 22-caliber, but there are three different settings where users can increase or decrease the pellet speed. The lowest speed can be used for just plinking, but the high speed is efficient enough for small game hunting. The highest speed can achieve 900 feet per second shooting a 22-caliber pellet.

He goes over a few details. The rifle takes an 11-round rotary magazine, and it loads just like the FX Wildcat. He has a suppressor on the end of the airgun. He notes that airguns are quiet anyway, but with a suppressor, it makes it even quieter, which is useful when hunting.

One good thing about the Streamline, 22plinkster says, is that it doesn’t feel like an airgun. When he picked it up, it felt like a real rifle. It even looks like one, with the solid walnut stock and other details that make it a good gun to both fire and own.

He has a target set up at 50 yards and proceeds to test what kind of group the airgun can produce. He aims and fires, and gets a very tight group, with all of the pellets going into the same hole. He was right about the suppressor as the airgun barely made a sound when fired, and accuracy was very, very impressive.

He also clarifies that this is not a toy, but an actual precision rifle used for hunting.

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