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Gallery of Guns TV – SCCY CPX-3 TT

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The Gallery of Guns presents the SCCY CPX-3 TT in this video, hosted by Aaron Gallagher.

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Many pistol manufacturers have worked up to the 9mm from the .380 ACP, so it’s somewhat rare to go in the other direction. SCCY is the exception to the rule with the new CPX-3, which not only introduces a new caliber, but a new design concept called the Roebuck Quadlock. The quadlock design locates the barrel in the slide at four points, the front of the locking block, the locking can, an extension at the rear of the locking block and at the muzzle. The extension at the rear of the locking block positively engages the rear of the slide, pressing down on the muzzle, which rests in a V-shaped recess in the slide.

The stainless steel barrel returns to the same position each time the pistol is fired, greatly improving accuracy and controllability. The slide is propelled home by a captive flat recoil spring that is easily removed and replaced for cleaning. The CPX-3 has a rugged injection-molded frame with an aluminum chassis inside. It’s hammer-fired, with a double-action only trigger system that lets you pull the trigger again on a dud round.

While a lot of pocket pistols these days carry as few as 6 rounds, the CPX-3’s double stack magazine holds a full 10 rounds. You can configure the magazine with a flat base plate for maximum concealment, or with a finger-groove base plate that is more comfortable when shooting at the range. There’s no manual safety, and the CPX-3 is ready to fire at any time, though there is an internal safety to help prevent discharge if the pistol is dropped.

The slide release and magazine release are both on the left side of the pistol, easy to find with your thumb. The front and rear sights have white dots to stand out in low light. They take the pistol to the range for testing.

Evan Brune from Guns & Ammo Online Editorial says it makes for great shooting. They talk about the sights because they stand out, high visibility. The grip is ergonomic, and a pad at the base of the magazine that gives extra control. SCCY has worked very hard to make this the most accurate gun they have. For concealed carry, it is a great option, even though it’s not as small as other pistols.

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