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Giving My Entire Family Custom AR15s!!!

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Matt starts this episode of Demolition Ranch by saying that it’s a big day, because the channel is about to hit 3 million subscribers, and he has a mug for it.

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He says he’s a big AR-5 enthusiast, and every time he buys one, he wants it to be better than the last one. He shows some of his nicer AR-15s: there’s one from F1 Firearms, and most exciting of all, a skeletonized version that is branded with Demolition Ranch on both sides. It has a skinny handguard, with a black and multi-cam finish, raptor charging handles, sub-M08 barrel, dragon slayer muzzle brakes, and there’s a kitten face lasered onto the slide (because he’s a vet).

He also strips the gun down to show what the insides look like, and says they’re making two versions of the Demolition Ranch AR-15s. There’s the basic version, and the elite, upgraded version. Matt runs through the differences, and the options available for the upgraded one. It comes with a hard case, a magazine, the red dot – he’s not sure on pricing yet, as there are some tweaks needed.

Matt says he wanted to make something he can really be proud of, hence this project. He says his and his wife’s families have been really supportive, so he got them all an AR-15 as thanks. He and Meredith drove around to their family members’ houses to surprise them with these guns.

They stop at Meredith’s brother’s house, Meredith’s sister and her boyfriend’s place, and Matt’s sister whom they meet outdoors. Then they stop at Matt’s brother’s house, who is also a big gun enthusiast. The next day, they go to Meredith’s dad’s house, and they go to his dad’s house, and his dad is the most enthusiastic recipient. He also gives Drew, his brother and camera operator, one of the AR-15s.

Matt then test fires the Demolition Ranch AR-15 he has to prove that it’s a real gun and that it fires well. It’s a limited edition rifle, available for only one month.

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