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The Glock 19: The PERFECT Handgun?

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Patrick from TFB TV takes a closer look at one of his – and many gun enthusiasts’ – favorite handguns: the Glock 19. He notes that it’s easy to see why many people like and rely on this Austrian 9mm for everyday use, whether it’s for concealed carry, for work or for recreational purposes. Since it was introduced in 1988, the Glock 19 has been widely used in law enforcement, military units and civilians alike all over the world.

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The video begins with Patrick performing some rapid-firing using his Glock 19 Gen4. He says this is one he carries often, alternating it with a SIG P320. Both of them point the same for him, they have the controls in the same places, and the triggers feel very similar, so he has no problem transitioning from one to the other. His Glock 19 has been customized, with some stippling, undercut trigger guard and removal of the finger grooves so that he can get a higher grip on the gun.

When the Glock 19 first came out, it looked like the Glock 17 that had been trimmed. Sales were initially slow, but with the Gen2 models, they slowly grew in popularity because they started filling a role among private detectives and plainclothes officers, particularly. Gun owners began to see how it was a “Goldilocks gun,” in that it was just right in terms of size and weight, while providing reliability and durability.

Patrick does some more shooting with the Glock 19 at the range, firing multiple times.

With the introduction of the Gen4, there were some improvements. This is a polymer handgun, which has its downsides. One of the new good features was the dual recoil spring arrangement, along with a larger magazine release, an improved texture and two groves to slide a back strap into for stepping up the size.

The Glock 19 is a great gun, and those looking for a compact 9mm that can serve a number of purposes won’t be disappointed.

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