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The Grenade Launcher that ANYONE can OWN!

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In this episode of Demolition Ranch, Matt begins by saying that he has had many disappointments in his life. One of the greatest was, when he finally got a real grenade launcher, was finding out that it did not make the “big boom” that he was expecting – they just sound like normal guns, he says.

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He has a 37mm grenade launcher, made by X Products, which he says is pretty awesome. He demonstrates how it easily opens, loads and is ready to fire. The grenades he’ll be using today are not the same as those seen in movies, or in video games, because there are plenty of laws regarding grenade launchers.

Matt gives the “shortened version” of things: there are two types of grenade launchers. One is a destructive device, the other is a signaling device. The first fires explosives, shrapnel and other ammunition meant to hurt people and things. The second is what he has, which fires smaller things like fireworks. A signaling device can be destructive if he had real grenades and shot them out of it – which would be illegal if the device were not registered.

So, he says, what he has is a real grenade launcher, but he won’t be shooting real grenades. He has poppers, which has a charge to fire the cardboard container out in the air, then hopefully pop before they hit the ground. He fires high into the air, and the first one did not pop. He fires a second one, which flies and there’s a puff of smoke in the sky that shows it popped. He explains that they’re not really meant to be loud or flashy.

The grenade launcher can be unscrewed, and can attach to a quad rail on an AR, which he does. It doesn’t get more American than an AR with a grenade launcher, Matt says. He then rapid fires a few rounds, including more poppers from the grenade launcher on the AR.

He says he wants to educate people on what is considered a felony. Basically, it comes down to the question: could this significantly hurt someone or is it just for show? That means no hard things like rocks. Also, the amount of powder in there should be exact, because too much is also a felony. Things like shrapnel and nails, anything that’s sharp is also illegal.

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