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Guess How Much The Most Expensive Gun At SHOT Costs…

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Matt went to SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas and took a look around. He begins by showing viewers where he’s at (and a workout at the gym), and also points out to gun manufacturers that when sales reps are wearing suits, looking all formal, it’s not very inviting for those who want to buy. They look difficult to talk to, like they’re too good for anybody, he says. For normal guys like him, the reps in shirts and ball caps with the company name on it are much more approachable, and more likely to sell stuff.

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He cuts to the show, and before he gets very far, spots a guy wearing a Demolition Ranch shirt. And walking around, he found the most ridiculously expensive gun in the whole show. It’s so expensive that they had to put it inside an aquarium. The gun is a monster, with a crazy-huge chassis on top of the barrel, and it’s like a two-mile gun.

Meredith and Rob Lunkers join Matt at the show, and they play around for a bit with the guns on display. Matt goes around and shows what else is there, pointing out that he does not have an AR-15 with a suppressor, surprisingly.

He then says he’s found the best weapon: a tactical baseball bat. It has a muzzle brake on one end, a scope and a safety lever. He goes back to the monster Humvee replacement from his previous video, pointing out additional features on it. There are a lot of other cool inventions around, like robotics, but there’s also a lot of junk — like heated hand warmers, and stuff.

They reach the Perazzi booth that has incredibly expensive guns, retailing for as much as $176,000. There’s a shotgun that costs over $200,00 and another 4-gauge rifle that’s close to $400,000. Then there’s the booth that makes stuff for can cannons, like the one Matt has. There’s much more at the show, and Matt also meets a lot of people who know who he is, like a celebrity.


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