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Gun Gripes #128: “Springfield and Rock River Sellout IL Gun Owners?”

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Eric and Chad of Iraqveteran8888 are back with another episode of Gun Gripes, this time on the topic of Senate Bill 1657 out of Illinois and the Springfield and Rock River thing. There appears to be some good old-fashioned pocket lining in this case, and Eric says to go to the NRA’s website for more information.

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SB 1657 proposes to make things difficult for small business owners to stay in business, because the vein of the bill would use plenty of red tape to make it cumbersome. This would make it difficult not just to stay in business, but to start a business to begin with, given the complexity of this new process, which includes a state review and a 5-member licensing board. This, they say, is a big blow to gun dealers in Illinois. Eric says there’s a chance to fight this.

With Springfield and Rock River, the situation is that the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association, a lobbying group, to which Springfield and Rock River gave donations for them to be represented by the group. Now, the IFMA lined some politicians’ pockets, Eric says, because the wording of the bill included firearms manufacturers, but somehow excludes the law from applying to Springfield and Rock River. This was on the basis that they are dealers and not manufacturers.

However, the organization has had the support of Springfield and Rock River on political campaigns that are anti-gun. Springfield and Rock River released a statement saying that they are severing ties with IFMA because they went behind their backs, supposedly.

Eric says he’ll play devil’s advocate, but they have information on how much the gun company actually gave, amounting to some $50,000, which he says they knew exactly what it was buying. It is Eric’s opinion that they should not wash their hands off the issue. Chad muses on Illinois and the political situation, saying that it’s a state-to-state basis, and it really all comes down to how much gun support each state has.

Now, people are angry with Springfield and Rock River, because they are perceived to have turned their backs on the gun industry, which comes off as a betrayal.



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