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Gun Gripes #130: “Closet Gun Owners…”

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The guys at Iraqveteran8888 are back with an episode of Gun Gripes, this time focusing on what they call “Closet Gun Owners.” Eric says these are people who basically go around preaching that it’s not okay for others to own a gun, when they themselves own a few.

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In relation to this, Chad says they’ll be talking about people who “come out of the gun closet,” in that it suddenly shows that they do own guns when a craze comes along. Eric thinks these are the worst kind of gun owners: those who feel the need to protect their family and friends by being armed, but are so hypocritical about it and don’t support the Second Amendment.

One example they give are actors and actresses who say that they’re fervently anti-gun, but may probably own guns for their own safety and protection. And if they don’t own guns themselves, they are most likely surrounded by security detail that are heavily armed.

Another thing they’re griping about are guys who are popular and famous, and who they know are very much pro-gun, but won’t get out there and help the cause or be advocates. These are people that the youth listen to, Eric says, so it would go a long way to making a difference if these pro-gunners did speak up. So the issue goes in both directions, they say.

It’s a touchy subject, they admit.

Just in normal, everyday life, they know people who are afraid of admitting that they do own guns for fear of retribution or ridicule or social rejection. They clarify that they’re not making generalizations about being liberal or right-wing or anything – the channel is about pushing the Second Amendment, which is universal and unique to America, and they don’t care about political or religious affiliations or anything.

Gun ownership should not be a political discussion, Eric says. A person’s right to own a gun should be separate from whatever beliefs he or she has, and should not be colored by other issues.

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