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How Guns are Made: One at a Time (1969)

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This video uploaded by The Book Archive is about how guns were made in the 1960s. Gun production a few decades ago relied heavily on the design of the gunsmith, the accuracy of the early computer, and the hard work of the factory employees who handled the gun parts.

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This particular video shows how guns were made in the Remington Arms factory back in 1969. The footage showed various steps from selecting the wood, to inspecting and testing finished product. Most guns and rifles in Remington were made using computers to ensure the products’ accuracy, chamber pressure, and velocity. After the computer’s job was done, gun parts were handled by experienced craftsmen. They had the keen eyes and patience to work on personalized and hand engraved guns.

Remington is the oldest gun maker in the U.S., and is the only company in the country that produces both firearms and ammunition domestically. Some types of guns made by the company are pump guns, automatic guns, bolt action guns, and rifles.

The Remington Company was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington II, believing that he could build a better gun that any other that was on the market. He grew in farming community that built their own rifles, but had to purchase the barrels. Eliphalet’s father was a blacksmith who wanted to expand his business to rifle barrel production. For that reason, Eliphalet was sent by his father to a well-known barrel making company in a busy city. His goal was to observe the barrel making techniques used by the company. At the time, the method of barrel making primarily involved heating and hammering the coiled bars around a central rod. The barrel metal then became fused into a solid cylinder, at which point the rod was pressed out.

Eliphalet returned home armed with this knwowlege and helped his family start a successful barrel making operation in Ilion Gorge, New York. Soon enough, it grew to be the biggest firearms company in the country.

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