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Handmade Kalashnikov AK Rifles

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This is the third episode of TFB TV about the handmade small arms from the gunsmiths of Darra Adam Khel in the FATA region of northwestern Pakistan. Miles takes a look at some of the Kalashnikov variants produced by these talented craftsmen.

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If you notice some of the holes in the stock of the sample Darra Kalashnikov, some parts of the rifle don’t really fit very well. The trigger is less elongated than a traditional Kalashnikov trigger. You’ll also see a button that presses the fold stock into the rifle. It’s very small and looks different. The stock is a bit different, too.

Another interesting bit on the gun is the magazine. The markings don’t put it as a European design or an Asian design or a design from another country. It might be made in China, but without more information about the injection molded or the polymer capabilities of the gunsmiths in Darra Adam Khel, he couldn’t say for sure.

It’s noticeable that the receiver cover has some wear on the inside of it. Moving on the stamped receiver, it’s a little more crude based on the holes in the stock and the foregrip. The actual receiver and rear sight has something off about them, but the trigger and the stock release button are the major giveaway. The Darra gunsmiths may not have a good hand on stamping yet.

Who uses these Kalashnikovs? Some of it probably goes to criminal or terrorist organizations, but a lot of it also goes to the civilian population. It is legal to own some of these as long as it’s not of military caliber. It’s easy to get a hold of them and prices vary.

With the Kalashnikovs (AK-47, AKM, AK-74 etc.), some of the copying shows because of the more modern production techniques that stamping involves. However, even with this challenge, villagers are able to put together almost exact copies of these rifles.

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