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HMG StG 44 update

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This video from the Military Arms Channel is an update from Hill & Mac Gunworks on the development of the StG 44 rifle. The rifle is being produced by HMG from new parts, and is set to be chambered in multiple calibers. There has been a lot of discussion online regarding this specific rifle, so Tim thought he’d take viewers on a quick tour of what’s going on behind the scenes.

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He and Mac from HMG talk about the process that went into production, and why the company is only making this one rifle that will come in different calibers. There’s mention of the various parts that are currently being developed for the gun. The question on the timeline, when the gun can be expected to reach the market, and it’s a “yes, maybe” on mid-2017.

Tim says he’s been talking to the guys from HMG regarding this rifle, and he mentions that while he knows HMG has the old blueprints for the guns sorted out, they don’t contain critical information from the originals hat would have helped build these newer models. Mac mentions that when it comes to specs, everything is critical, and they made changes to how the Germans made the guns back during World War II. Some examples of the original magazines and the modern ones are shown.

In essence, HMG is building four guns that resemble the original in looks alone, but work completely differently. They look like the historic rifles, but are very modern in how they perform. However, Mac mentions that for those who have the originals, these StG 44 rifles can still be interchanged with parts from the original ones.

There is a discussion on calibers, as well. HMG is, in short, really putting plenty of thought in how they’re designing, manufacturing and assembling these rifles, especially since they’re not a large company to begin with. Mac also answers questions on how stable the company is, and he and Tim touch more on the actual parts and the rifle design.

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