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Homemade Armor That Actually WORKS!!! (we did it!)

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Matt presents homemade body armor that he didn’t make, for a change. One of the viewers sent in a piece of armor he had made for Demolition Ranch to test. There are two piece, each made of unhardened steel plates with a mat, sprayed with Flex Seal. Matt wagers the plates will stop pistol rounds, up to a .45 ACP, but maybe not anything bigger.

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He sets up one of the plates and starts the testing with a .22 long rifle out of a pistol. On inspection, there’s barely a dent. It’s interesting because when he shoots at hardened steel, Matt says there’s not a dent. He moves on to a .22 Hornet, which pierces the metal but does not go through. Now he goes to the 9mm out of a rifle, which put a solid dent but still, did not go through, though there’s a slight bulge.

Matt breaks out his new CMMG Guard AR, chambered in .45 ACP. It’s considered a pistol, even if it looks like a rifle — not even a short-barreled rifle. He discusses the features of his new toy, and why it’s his new favorite. He also demonstrates how it works, especially the scope.

He fires at the armor, where the .45 ACP makes the same dent as the 9mm, with a bigger bulge at the back. It’s the Desert Eagle now, in .50 AE, which put a huge dent in the metal but did not go through. It might have caused a bruise or a broken rib, though. Then the 12-gauge semi-auto comes out with a one-ounce slug, which went through until the mat but it did stop, so the person wearing it would have survived.

The last gun out is a second new gun, the CMMG Mutant. It is a pistol as well, even if it looks very much like a rifle. It is chambered in 762×39, a rifle caliber, which is the same ammo shot out of an AK-47. But it is a AR-15, and it is technically classified as a pistol. He runs through the features of this one, as well and fires at the armor. Of course, the bullet went right through the armor, and would have killed anyone wearing it.

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