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KeyMod Sucks – Now With More Proof!

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In this episode of TFB TV, Patrick takes a look at recently released data compiled during tests at Crane at the request of USSOCOM that proves that MLOK is superior to KeyMod in just about every measurable way once and for all.

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Patrick starts the video by saying that KeyMod sucks and that there is hard data to back up this claim, so that the argument is valid. MLok is superior to KeyMod, according to a study conducted by Crane. The biggest surprise out of the testing was regarding the point of impact (POA) shift.

According to the data, KeyMod has an absolute minimum of .2 MOA and an absolute maximum of 14.6 MOA, with a system average of 4.9 MOA. The MLok POA shift, on the other hand, had an absolute minimum of 0.0 MOA, an absolute maximum of 6.6 MOA, and a system average of 1.3 MOA. This is a pretty big difference between the two. Also, the fact that MLok did not have any one of the handguards tested go back to 0 is an eye-opener on its own, Patrick says.

KeyMod and MLok came out neck and neck when it came to the roughneck testing. No failures or fastener loosenings were observed for either one of the systems, and both systems were found to be adequate for securing accessories when subjected to high frequency, high action  acceleration, vibrational loads. No damage was observed on the hand guards or accessory rails, and no fastening or loosening. In short, Patrick says if you already have a KeyMod, you don’t need to rush out to buy an MLok.

The next thing was the drop test and the analysis, which showed that the KeyMod damage included complete separation of accessory rail from handguard, fracture between the two slots used, fracture between utilized KeyMod slot and an adjacent slot, and no major damages to KeyMod fasteners. The fronts of the KeyMod slots were damaged where the fasteners were mounted. But no removed material was captured between the accessory rail and the mounting nut. On the other hand, MLok did pretty well.

Other tests conducted were failure load, repeatability and endurance. Patrick, unsurprisingly, uses MLok and prefers it well over KeyMod.


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