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THIS is the LARGEST Female GUN Channel …in The WORLD!!

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“Girls and guns. What’s better?” Kirsten asks in the caption of this video that celebrates her channel’s meteoric rise as the largest gun channel in the world that features a woman. The mission of her channel, she says, is “a pro female shooter sharing the positive reality of shooting & the freedom it protects in face of the negativity of the mainstream media.”

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As a pro shooter, Kirsten has done many things on the channel, from shooting grenade launchers and sharing gun reviews, to giving shooting tips, doing trick shots and more. She encourages those who simply want to have fun on the range, and discusses how daunting it is to realize how big her channel has become. She has over a hundred thousand subscribers to date, and she says it’s easier when she thinks of her viewers as individuals who want to hang out with her, instead of the thousands who watch.

She says, “We gotta do what we can do at the individual level; sharing shooting with others is crucially important.” She also says it’s good to be able to show people the joy and the truth of their experiences, and thanks everyone for their support.

Kirsten adds: “This is among the biggest gun channels, the largest shooting channels and we are making a difference! We are breaking stereotypes and the status quo. We are changing minds. If each one of us shares shooting with just one person, that is immense! It spreads like wildfire and protects our rights. It stands in the face of the mainstream media’s message of pure fear. It is a light for gun rights, and human rights. Your love of shooting is what will change someone – it’s what IS changing people right now! Thank you for being a part of this with me, sharing the fun, challenge & joy of shooting!”

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