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Before Matt begins, he addresses the Las Vegas shooting, saying that it’s great to see so much compassion and kindness in the face of evil. He says he’s proud to be American, and calls those who helped and saved lives “heroes,” adding that they are everything he strives to be, and wants his kids to be. He sends a big “thank you” to everyone who was there that fateful day, who risked their lives for others. His prayers are with those who are still healing.

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Then he proceeds to the day’s experiment, which involves Lego pieces stacked to form giant blocks. They were sent to him by Brick Vault, a Lego YouTube channel. There are three Lego towers: the first is eight inches high, made up of standard Lego bricks (the small, rectangle ones), around a thousand pieces. The second and third towers are made up the flat Lego plates, pounded together with a mallet. They are 16×16 plastic plates, so there should be at least three times more plastic density in these compared to the first tower.

Matt starts with a .22 LR out of a Ruger MkII, pointed at the flat panel block. He fires and upon checking, finds that the bullet went through about five plates. He says it’s neat that with these Lego blocks, he can tell exactly where the bullets stopped by simply pulling the pieces apart. He proceeds to a 9mm out of an old-school Luger, which slides through the top of the block, stopping at the 22nd plate. It’s not even halfway in.

Then Matt steps it up with the .45 ACP — and a suppressor. The bullet blows the block off the table, but it only went through about 40 Lego panels. He takes out the AR-15 chambered in .556, and that one goes in up until around 60 plates, but does not exit. Then it’s the Henry 4570, using an Extreme Penetrator, which goes right through until the last few plates. Then he ends with the 50BMG, which just smashes the entire thing apart. He tries the 50BMG on the tower of regular Legos too, and gets the explosion he expected.


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