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LifeCard 22lr Pistol – World’s Smallest Pistol?

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22plinkster presents what is probably one of the most unique firearm inventions ever — and one that has most likely raised many gun enthusiasts’ eyebrows: it’s the LifeCard .22LR pistol. It might very well be the world’s smallest pistol, but more than that, it looks nothing like a gun, but instead masquerades as a thin, rectangular block. At first glance, it looks like a large cassette tape, without the holes.

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He says he was scrolling through Facebook when he came across this itty-bitty firearm. The company was nice enough to send him one to review. Trailblazer Firearms made this, and he says that while he would never tell anyone to use .22LR as their primary self-defense weapon, but this little thing is not meant to be a primary. It’s meant to be a back-up firearm.

It’s so light and compact, it could easily fit in a back pocket and the owner would forget it was even there. It was not made to be aimed, but to be pointed. He shows what the sights look like — it’s just a single groove notched along the top. It’s supposed to be fired from 2-3 feet away at best.

He takes a few test fires, and tries to hit a target that is 40 feet away. He hits it, of course, but he says that was pure luck as the gun wasn’t meant for such a distance. Once fired, the casing has to be manually pulled out before reloading. He aims for a steel plate and hits it, saying that he’s actually aiming 6-7 inches right of the center and 6-7 inches low. Being 22plinkster though, he hits the target dead on.

He has put 50-70 rounds through it, and it has not malfunctioned. The gun folds and unfolds into the rectangular shape, like a Swiss Army knife. He says the barrel always has to be pointed away, and to open, just grab the bottom edge and pull it forward. That unhinges the gun into two pieces, and the trigger comes out off the top half, which is the barrel. The bottom half then clicks into place to form the grip. The upper part of the barrel is pulled up to load the gun with a single bullet, then locked back into place. The hammer is pulled so that the gun is ready to fire. The whole mechanism is extremely simple but effective, apparently.

He runs through some of the safety features, which are really neat. The gun won’t snap shut if it’s loaded, unless it’s half-cocked. Then it locks so it won’t open accidentally. There’s a little groove in the bottom half that slides open, where four extra bullets can be stored.

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