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Lithgow Arms LA101 22LR – Most Accurate 22LR Bolt Rifle I Own!

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22plinkster says that he has shot a lot of 22LR bolt rifles, but this particular one is a nail driver. He’s talking about the Lithgow Arms LA101 22LR, which he says is the most accurate 22LR bolt rifle he owns.

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He admits that up until a few months ago, he had not heard of Lithgow Arms – he was acquainted with them in passing, but had never fired one. Legacy Sports sent him this rifle. He tests the rifle by firing a few rounds, saying that it’s extremely quiet. He’s right, as the rifle barely makes a pinging sound when fired – the bullet hitting the steel target makes a louder sound.

He discusses the accessories he has on the rifle, and says that he is 100% pleased with this one. He mentions that this is rather expensive at $1200, but anyone who wants to be a serious shooter will find it worth the price.

The gun is military-grade, with Cerakote coated metal parts so it doesn’t get easily damaged. The action is very smooth and the trigger is light and breaks cleanly. The stock is beautiful, and is designed so it can be tucked in when shooting. The butt pad has spacers, which is useful so the length of pull can be adjusted. It is available in various configurations.

22plinkster demonstrates how the rifle works, and takes it out to see how it performs at 50 and 100 yards. At 50 yards, he shot five rounds each with two kinds of ammo, all bull’s-eyes. He wasn’t kidding about accuracy. He uses the same ammo at 100 yards, and comes up with four shots smack in the middle, with one lone shot about an inch off.

Some things he forgot to mention in the video: only the synthetic models have the length of pull spaces, and all threaded models shipped to the US have a .5×28 thread adaptor.

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