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How to Load a California .50 Cal Quickly with MA Loader

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Richard Ryan of FullMag demonstrates how to load a California .50 Cal quickly using an MA loader. He is shown loading the huge magazine with .50 Cal rounds at the beginning of the video. Full disclosure, this is not a sponsored video, he says.

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He has been in California and he found it such a pain to deal with all of the regulations in order to comply with state laws. He explains some of the differences between the laws then and now regarding magazines in rifles. He also discusses a bit on ballots and the rights to bear arms, and that Californians lost a battle in the 2016 elections. Richard says there are probably three people in the state of California who have a .50 Cal and to whom this video will apply to.

Regarding a fixed magazine, he explains how when you have an AR platform, the bolt is going to lock back whenever there is no ammunition, so this is different because all there is to do with this rifle is feed the magazine into the side and push it in. This resembles what some people call stripper clips, but it’s a lot faster than that.

He explains further how this is different from the AR platform rifle, because with this, you have to hold the charging handle back. For those in California who have to lift these rifles up, unhinge and start loading, this is a quick and efficient way to do things. You can also choose how much ammo to put in this, which is good because .50 Cal ammo is expensive, Richard says.

He then demonstrates how to load the magazine into the side of the firearm. He drives the magazine home, and a round is loaded. Then he just pulls the magazine out again so that the rifle can now shoot. He fires the rifle, which is recorded in slow motion, as per FullMag traditions.

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