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M60 E6 Machine Gun

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The video shows and discusses the M60 machine gun, one of the United States’ most-used weapons. The M60, which is officially called the United States Machine Gun, has been around since 1957 and is one of the few gun models from that era that are still in service today.

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The M60 is a collection of general-purpose machine guns that can shoot a variety of ammunition, including armor-piercing rounds, ball and tracer. The original M60 took its concept from many firearms manufacturers in the 1940s, such as the stamped sheet metal construction, quick barrel replacement, pistol grip and stock, and a semi-bullpup look similar to the FG42. M60s are belt-fed, firing 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges. These guns are quite heavy and the amount of ammunition needed for it usually requires that it be operated by two or three people at a time. However, an M60 can be fired accurately from the shoulder at short ranges, thanks to its design. It can also be fired from a bipod, tripod and other mounts, as is the more common case.

These guns have served with all branches of the US military and have proven themselves to be battle-worthy firearms. They were made to be mass-produced, so a large quantity of them could immediately go out to the service troops. M60s were used in the Vietnam War and have been used in numerous other conflicts afterwards, including the Cambodian Civil War, the Gulf War, the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Colombian armed conflicts, insurgency in the Philippines, and much more.

The old M60s have been upgraded over the years and though the M240 has been supplanting it in recent years, the M60 is still very much in service with members of the armed forces. Variants include the E6, which is shown in the video. The E6 is a lighter, improved version of the M60E4, which was created in the ‘90s and was used by the US Navy.

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