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Man vs Wife Challenge

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This episode of Demolition Ranch is unusual: it features a shoot-off between Matt and his wife, Meredith, aptly entitled “Man vs Wife Challenge.” Meredith will be shooting an AR-15, specifically the limited edition, custom Demolition Ranch model. Matt will be shooting a Henry leather action 410 shotgun. In short, his wife has the better gun.

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There are three targets to hit, then pieces of four by four, and Lieutenant Dan the Dummy. Then they run to the chair, where there are four cinder blocks and one target hanging from a tree. There are two more targets at around 75 yards away. There are 18 targets in total. The entire course will be timed, and they’ll see who wins.

Matt remarks that theoretically, Meredith won’t have to reload while he might have some problems reloading the shotgun. Meredith fires some practice rounds – she’s only fired an AR-15 once before. Matt coaches her on how to hold the gun properly, and she fires away. She hits the farthest targets.

They flip a coin, and Meredith goes first. She times in at 54 seconds. Matt says she did really well, and he really thought she’d miss some targets. They inspect the targets – and she did miss one, but she hit one three times.

Matt takes his turn with the shotgun, but before he does, he says he has the loose rounds in his pocket, which might be a problem. He discusses the targets, saying he expects to finish in two minutes. He gets ready, and starts firing. He does have to reload four times, which takes some time. He finishes the course in one minute and 52 seconds. Meredith points out that his time was twice hers. Matt gave up on the far targets, and moved them closer as the shots were highly improbable.

To even things out, Meredith has only 10 rounds so she’ll have to reload, and they go again. This time, her total is 52 seconds – she was actually faster with the reload. Matt goes again, and has to keep reloading, finishing at 55 seconds, so Meredith still wins.

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