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How many 22 Long- rifle bullets will it take to puncture a propane tank?

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The .22 Long Rifle is probably the most common kind of ammunition available in the world today. This rimfire cartridge has long been established and is usually just referred to as the .22 LR. Many different rifles, pistols, revolvers and even some kinds of smoothbore shotguns have been manufactured to service this caliber.

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Originally from the Flobert BB cap of 1845 and the .22 Smith & Wesson 1857 cartridge, the .22 LR was developed by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company. It remains as one of the world’s most popular cartridges, as it is one of the few cartridges that is compatible with many rifle and pistol brands and models. The .22 Short, .22 Long and .22 Extra Long are all variants of this.

.22 LR are affordable, provide minimal recoil and relatively quiet shooting, making them ideal for sporting, hunting, firearms training, competitions and even pest control for beginners and experts alike. The Boy Scouts even use .22 LR for the rifle shooting merit badge.

In this video demonstration, the gun owner uses a .22 LR to see if the rounds can go through an empty propane tank. Propane tanks, which are made of steel and are created to withstand extreme pressure, are some of the sturdiest, heaviest everyday materials. Since propane tanks contain gas, they are specifically made not to be penetrated or damaged easily.

The experimenter fired at the propane tank from around 25 feet. The bullet hit, but upon inspection, showed to have only made a significant dent on the tank, ricocheting off and not penetrating it. The experimenter then decided to see what it would take to actually penetrate the tank. Four successful shots in the same area did the trick, as the fourth shot went straight through the tank and out the other side. However, the bullets all hit the same spot to within an eighth of inch of each other, which accounted for the damage.

So now everyone knows – it takes at least four .22 LR shots fired at the exact same spot to pierce a propane tank and if filled with gas, to cause an explosion.

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