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How many pieces of drywall will a 22lr go through?

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The .22 long rifle is a pretty powerful weapon – one that can do a lot of damage. It may look old school, but it gets the job done very well. An experiment conducted and uploaded to YouTube shows just how powerful it can be.

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The .22 long rifle is a good weapon to have for home and personal defense. To test just how well it can perform, an experiment was conducted using 12 sheets of drywall set up in a field. The sheets of drywall were spaced with 2×4-inch blocks of wood to simulate the  walls of an actual house.

To compare damage and performance, two guns were used: the .22 long rifle and a M&P22 pistol. Two cartridges were used for each gun: the CCI Velocitor and the CCI Stinger. To start with, the shooter loaded the pistol with the CCI Stingers, fired through the drywall sheets and did the same with the CCI Velocitors. He then repeated the same procedure with the rifle.

Upon close inspection, the CCI Stinger round from the pistol went through 10 of the drywall sheets and bounced off the 10th. The CCI Velocitor round from the pistol went through 7 and deflected off the 8th. This came as a surprise for the people conducting the experiment, as they were expecting the rounds to go no more than 3 or 4 of the walls.

On inspecting the rifle shots, the CCI Velocitor round went all the way through the 11 boards and bounced off the 12th, while the CCI Stinger round went through then lodged in the 11th board. The 12 drywalls were equivalent to 6 regular walls in a home, so the rifle rounds effectively went through 5 walls. This in itself shows just how powerful, and equally dangerous, a .22 long rifle can be when compared to a pistol or any other handgun.

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