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March Madness Trick Shot IV – It’s Complicated

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Every year around this time, 22plinkster tries to get creative with his trick shots as a tribute to March Madness. For those who don’t know, March Madness is the time for the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, generally held throughout the month of March. It determines the college basketball national champion, so it’s a pretty big deal for local basketball players and fans.

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Since he had the honor of playing police basketball for a couple of years, the sport is very dear to his heart. To set the mood, he shows some clips of past trick shots he’s done for March Madness. They all involve basketball in some way, shape, or form.

These trick shots include shooting a golf ball sitting on a tee without knocking down the tee, shooting a playing card standing on its side, cutting a playing card in half with a bullet, and shooting the string that holds a swinging ball to make the ball fall into a basketball hoop. These trick shots already sound impressive, but he took it to the next level; he used his left hand to do all the said trick shots while spinning a basketball using his right hand.

He claims that this year’s trick shot may be one of the hardest he’s ever had to do in his life. His goal is to shoot an aspirin sitting on a balloon without popping the balloon. It’s something he’s done in the past, but this time, he wants to take the shot with his left hand while spinning a basketball on his right hand — similar to the past clips he showed.

After setting things up, it looks like a pretty difficult shot, but he believes he can do it. True enough, he annihilates the aspirin and shows close up videos of the trick shot in slow motion. Before the video ends, he reveals some entertaining behind-the-scenes.

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