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Melon Fragmentation at 2500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys describe this video as “in the middle of shooting a failed video.” Gavin and Daniel say they were using pig eyes to test how good safety goggles are, and a watermelon wearing the goggles appears onscreen. They point out that the googles are really old, and debate on whether or not they would work.

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Using a BB gun, one of them covers his eyes and shoots the watermelon. For a moment, they wonder if the shot went through, but a close-up shows that the round had gone through the goggles clearly, puncturing it and embedding in the watermelon.

Some text appears saying they thought they could save the video by getting cool footage of a pig’s eye exploding. They are shown with the watermelon, minus the glasses, and one of them shoots it at point-blank range. Nothing dramatic happened, so they decided to shoot it with a banger. The melon sits on a table, and they light a fuse in it then sit back and wait. In a few seconds, the melon explodes towards the camera, hitting it and spraying red pulp everywhere, including the guy who lit the fuse.

They show what happened in slow motion, and the explosion inside the melon shows clearly right before its flesh blasts outwards in an impressive pattern of red and green. They reverse the action so that the slow motion footage returns the melon to its original state. Daniel, who was sitting next to the melon when it erupted, has watermelon bits all over his face. When asked how he feels, he says it hurt during the explosion.

They end by saying that it was a disgusting experiment as they had to clean up the camera lens and also a pane of glass where the melon hit. The slow-motion video of the BB shooting the melon can be found on their channel.

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