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The Milkor M32A1 Grenade Launcher

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In this video, Vickers Tactical goes to Fort Bragg, the US Army Installation in North Carolina where the 18 Bravo Committee is conducting heavy weapons training, to try his hand at the Milkor M32A1 Grenade Launcher, which the military uses.

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The video shows soldiers unloading ammunition from vehicles, and Larry speaks to their training officer, who explains how the gun works and takes Larry through the steps. The M32A1 40mm is a semi-automatic, revolving action, multi-shot grenade launcher that is used by everyone from the US Rangers to the Green Berets, US Navy SEALs and more special units.

It is described as like a regular revolver but with a bigger boom. Its accurate rounds can cover an area 5 meters wide by 15 meters deep in 5 seconds. A shooter has to set the range estimate, rotate the barrel until the sights are set and is ready to go. The grenade launcher features day and night capable sights. The grenade system is simple to operate but the shooter has to manually activate the cylinder by rotating it, and adjust the stock depending on distance, so the shooter does not have to tilt his head so much at shorter distances. The speed with which the rounds eject spent casings can also be adjusted.

The grenade launcher started seeing action in 2008, and in 2009 had started getting fielded in Afghanistan. It’s a great system; a bit bulkier than other but it can do 18-21 rounds a minute of firing, making it a highly effective weapon.

Larry tries it out on Range 44 – Anti-Tank Range. The firing and hitting in slow motion are cool to see, especially with the distance the projectile had to travel before exploding. Larry says it’s like shooting a .40mm revolver large-scale. He praises its rapid fire capabilities, as it can launch quickly downrange, but adds that a shooter will really have to know the loading procedure correctly, it’s critical. The slick system and effective overseas, and while it may not be ideal across the board, it has certain applications that it does very well.

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