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Mobile Bullet Casting Toolbox

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Eric of Iraqveteran8888 presents his mobile toolbox setup that he made with all the necessary tools for bullet casting organized in one place. He says being able to pull a casting table outside and work is much safer, and better overall, than working indoors where ventilation is poor and is a concern. This type of setup could also be used for stock making, or general gun care/minor gunsmithing, too.

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Eric says he came up with a really good solution for keeping all casting tools in one place. When he says casting, he talks about making his own bullets – as in melting his own lead, pouring it into a mold, and so on. It can also be applied to making fishing weights, and for the enthusiastic, making things like tin toy soldiers.

Casting is one of those things where safety is really important, and Eric has been thinking of ways to make his setup modular and he came up with using one of those rolling toolboxes. He used a Husky, which he picked up at Home Depot. It has plenty of drawers for casts and so forth, and can be bought at around $100.

The base on the Husky is wood, but they took aluminum sheeting and laminated them with bolts so that there’s a heat sink for really hot molds or hot items, and it comes in handy for molten lead, wax or lubricant. Also, he bolted down the casting pot onto the surface of the table so that he doesn’t accidentally knock it over. There’s a power strip also bolted to the table, a small scale, a 10-gauge extension cord that is 50 feet long.

He goes through the drawers, showing the tools he uses, the bullet molds he has arranged by size, lube-related items, a reloading tray, components and other extra accessories. He says the size of the box depends on how advanced a person is in casting – this size is more for advanced bullet-makers. Eric also gives some tips on the simplest, most efficient ways to make a casting table.

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