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Modernized PPS43 by Definitive Arms

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The Military Arms Channel presents a modernized PPS-43, as customized by Definitive Arms. The PPS-43is a classic World War II weapon from Russia/Poland, which the narrator believes to be one of the best sub-machine guns of the time.

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There are two on the table: one is a standard factory make, the other is the customized version. The gun is Polish-built. What he did was took one of those and sent them to Definitive Arms, and they returned the gun with more features. He says it’s one of the best in the industry.

The upgraded gun is now an SBR, with a manufactured locking mechanism so that the gun now has its original folding stock. The factory muzzle break was cut back and replaced with an A2 Birdcage. The A2 Birdcage is for a specific suppressor he wanted to put on it. The gun has an AK grip, and a special finish to it. Chase of Definitive Arms also smoothed out the action, which were originally gritty and hard to operate. The trigger is light, and the entire thing is accurate.

He goes on to show what problems there might be in shooting these guns. They were originally open-bolt machine guns, but the US made those illegal, so a hammer mechanism had to be put inside. But the springs on the hammers are oftentimes very weak.

He loads the gun and takes it down the range for some practice. It doesn’t get too hot, which is good. He demonstrates how to load the gun, how to strip it down and reassemble it. It’s one of the most simple submachine guns of World War II, which is why they were mass-produced so much.

Overall, it’s a cool piece of history, even if it has been modernized.


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