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The MP5……Can He Survive It?

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Matt conducts another one of his experiments, this time using an M5 and the dummy, Lt. Dan. Instead of his usual funny intros, this time he introduces this guy he met named Justin (Lakefort Guy), who went to the same school he did. While Matt was out fishing with Rob, this guy had a headache and when it got worse, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. So, he’s going to have a lot of medical bills because his insurance refuses to pay. Matt is calling for viewers to help Justin by purchasing shirts from http://www.makeeverycastcount.com/.

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He goes back to his experiment. He has a Zenith firearm box, which contains an MP5 type gun called a Z5P. It’s a large 9mm pistol, and looks really cool. It has a bag, an old-style sight, an old-school lever-style mag release, and Matt demonstrates how to load it. When it’s locked open, you can just slap it and you’re ready. He fires a few rounds from the hip because it’s on a sling, which does look very nice. Then he tries shooting without the sling, like a regular pistol.

He gives some tips on how to make cheap body armor using steel plates, but it can still amount to around more than $200 on it. If you want to do something that’s still functional without spending – using household items – then that’s what he’s really interested in trying out.

So Matt says a cinder block can stop a bullet, as proven on the channel. But since body armor has to be lightweight, comfortable, gives freedom of movement while still being able to stop a bullet. He plans on using aluminum plus around a sheaf of papers one centimeter thick. He tests this on Lt. Dan.

He fires the MP5 and checks. The bullet went straight through, so he doubles the stack of paper, placing the aluminum over it. He fires again, and the paper stopped the bullet but it stopped right on the skin. This would have caused a bruise, but no gunshot wound.

Matt adds more paper to make a thick wad wrapped in tape, with the aluminum sandwiched in between. He straps the wad onto Lt. Dan, fires a few rounds and checks. Some rounds went through, but he did a pretty good job of stopping many of the bullets. In the end, it was too lightweight and comfortable, so Matt concludes that steel really is the key to success.


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