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N64 vs Nintendo Zapper .50 Cal Desert Eagle

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Richard Ryan from FullMag pits the Nintendo Zapper .50 Cal Desert Eagle versus the N64 in this video. He starts by saying that the Nintendo 64 was one of his favorite systems growing up, between Mario Kart, Golden Eye and Zelda.

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Today, he’s going to retire this old, shorted-out Nintendo system into a really cool build that he saw from SHOT Show this year. The Nintendo Zapper was built by Freedom Munitions to go along with the newly redesigned Big Grains ammunition. It’s a Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE, which is perfect for him, he says. So, he’ll see how the N64 holds up against the Zapper.

He places the N64, console and controls, on a tree stump and proceeds to shoot it with the Zapper. In slow motion, the rounds leave the gun and hit the handheld Nintendo control. Upon inspection, Richard says the first shot didn’t really do any damage to the system as it grazed the top, but he’ll try to work his way down.

He fires again, and hits the console this time. On inspection, the console is smashed, as the bullet blew out the front, exposing the wires.

The N64 was Nintendo’s third home video game console released for the international market. It was named for its 64-bit central processing unit, and was launched in 1996. It was the last major game console to employ cartridges as its storage format, until a revival in 2017 in the form of the Nintendo Switch. The N64 was succeeded by Nintendo’s MiniDVD-based GameCube in 2001, but units remained on the market until the whole range was phased out in 2003.

The N64 enjoyed massive popularity, with 32.93 million units shipped worldwide during its run. Out of those, 20.63 million were sold in North America. Its main competitors were the Sony PlayStation and th Sega Saturn. It was named Machine of the Year by TIME magazine in 1996.


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