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New CZ Scorpion Magazines with Steel Feed Lips

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This video from the Military Arms Channel features a new range of products developed by Manticore Arms. These products are the CZ Scorpion EVO magazines that have steel feed lips.

The host states that over the last year or so, there were reports that the factory CZ Scorpion EVO magazines have been suffering from feed lip failures. The polymer factory magazines were not reinforced, which resulted in cracked feed lips and returns back to CZ for warranty work.

Manticore arms decided to create their own solution by creating their own magazines for CZ Scorpion EVO guns. Manticore offers two different versions of the CZ Scorpion EVO magazines. The first is a smoke-colored magazine that is similar in appearance to the factory magazine. The other one is a straight-up transparent. Manticore’s CZ Scorpion EVO magazines are marked on the sides – on one side it says “Designed by Manticore Arms” and on the other side it says “Preprep Gun Shop Made in the USA”. The host notes that this is part of the US Firearms’ compliance for parts.

The two versions of Manticore’s CZ Scorpion EVO magazines have the same profile. But when compared to the factory magazine, there are key differences.  The factory magazine has polymer feed lips, while Manticore’s magazine has steel feed lips and a polymer body. Another key difference is that the Manticore accepts 32 rounds, whereas the factory magazine only accepts 30 rounds. Disassembly, however, is the same for both factory and Manticore magazines.

Up close, the feed lips of Manticore’s CZ Scorpion EVO magazine wrap around the magazine body and curls over. The host notes that this design is pretty similar to Lancer magazines.

The host then proceeds to shoot with Manticore’s CZ Scorpion EVO magazines to test how reliable they are. After firing a full magazine of 32 rounds, he says that it functioned flawlessly.

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