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New Fostech Echo Trigger Shooting and Install!

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This video by the Military Arms Channel features the Fostech Echo trigger. The Fostech Echo Trigger allows the shooter to have a 3 position selector. The 3 selections are “safe mode”, “single fire” and “echo fire”.

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The Fostech Echo Trigger is a ground breaking drop in design that is approved by the ATF.  It is designed with safety being the utmost priority. In “safe mode”, the firearm does not fire. In “single fire”, the firearm is essentially in semi-automatic mode. This means that the firearm fires when the trigger is pulled. In “echo mode”, the firearm fires when trigger is pulled, as well as when trigger is released.

When a shooter is in “echo mode” and the target moves, the shooter can move the selector to the safe position and a second round will not fire upon release.  The Fostech Echo Trigger has a number of distinct features. Its design and technology is licensed through HIPERFIRE.

The host of Military Arms Channel uses the “echo mode” for a first round of shooting. He notes that it takes a lot of patience to install the Fostech Echo Trigger, but that there are a few how-to videos available online. He also states the latter half of the video will be his own tutorial on the installation.

He inserts another magazine and shoots using “echo fire”. He describes the Fostech Echo Trigger as “flawless function”. He runs a few more magazines to demonstrate the speed and effectivity of the Trigger.

In the next clips of the video, the host shows how he installed the Fostech Echo Trigger to his BCM. He replaces the factory BCM trigger with the Fostech Echo Trigger using a flathead screwdriver (the size of the screwdriver depends on the size of the screw in the grip handle) and a punch (to get the trigger pins out with). The Fostech Echo Trigger package includes a bolt carrier, a complete trigger group and then a few loose parts.

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