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One VERY Wicked Shotgun Slug – It has CLAWS! “Gualbo Steel”

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This video introduces a new, unusual kind of expanding steel slug by Gualandi in Italy, which will be for sale in the U.S. late May/early June. As lead is being banned around the world, ammunition manufacturers are preparing for the inevitable by producing ammo out of alternative metals like brass, copper and steel. The trick is to make metals like steel function in the same way as an expanding lead projectile.

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Jeff begins by saying they once again have the opportunity to show this slug, which has never been fired in the United States. Made out of Gualbo steel, these slugs are some of the wickedest-looking ammunition around, as they expand into six claw-like arms – one of Gualandi’s innovative ammo products that joins the others they have shot so far.

They will be shooting these slugs out of a fully rifled shotgun with a scope to check on its performance. The first is a five-gallon water jug target at 30 yards with a wooden board behind it. Upon inspection, there is a small entry hole but the exit hole left the back of the jug gaping, ripping it right down the center. The board shows a large hole, with two more smaller ones around it.

Next are two gummy bear ballistic gels put together. The slug shoots through the bears and punctures the board with several holes, like shrapnel. Jeff says it takes a lot of force to make the claws spread out – he tried it with a vise. The gummy bears show a round entry hole and an exit hole with a star-like pattern.

They shoot a Kevlar Level II body armor plate next, fitted on a dummy. The slug ripped the armor off the dummy, and Jeff observes that they are quite accurate ammunition. Upon inspection, the slug embedded into the armor and did not expand, meaning there must be some sort of soft medium needed for it to become a claw.

They use a smooth bore shotgun next and the performance is outstanding as it punched through the Kevlar vest and into the dummy, putting holes into it. They say it actually performs better with the smooth bore.

They switch back to the shotgun, hitting a lead plate. There’s a star-like crater in the lead, but it did not go through the lead. Lastly, they try it with a rifled choke tube, shooting at some wood blocks, but in slow motion, the slug broke apart into pieces before it could hit the target, meaning it does not work with this device. But with a rifled shotgun, they are excellent products.

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