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Is The P320 Unsafe? | A New Failure And We Cover What Has Happened So Far

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Patrick discusses a question that seems to be popping up often now: “Is the P320 unsafe?” He says right off the bat that they at TFB TV can’t really answer that with all certainty, but they can tell viewers everything that has come to light as of the video’s posting.

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The Sig Sauer P320 has been under fire because some gun guys have found that it goes off when it is impacted at a specific angle – it hits the ground or something hits it. Patrick says he was curious about why exactly this happens. Is it the trigger action or something coming loose inside the gun? So he took some 9mm, pulled the bullet and powder from it and used it to test the gun.

He has a P320, which he demonstrates is working by taking it apart and putting it back together. He already gets a malfunction putting the case in the chamber. Then Patrick strikes the P320 with a one-inch hammer and strikes the back end of the gun.

The hammering is shown in slow motion, and the pistol did discharge.

The gun was taken off the roster for law enforcement some time back, but Sig released a statement saying the P320 was perfectly safe. So they went back on the commercial market, but videos started coming out showing how the gun malfunctions. Then an officer supposedly filed a lawsuit against Sig Sauer because he dropped his holster, the gun discharged and shot him in the knee.

They ask the viewers to think about the implications of all these. Sig Sauer is offering an upgrade as a result, but maybe users should really be careful. The pistol fires when a blow strikes that particular part of the gun, so would anyone want to be wearing it during an altercation or a car accident, when anything can impact it and cause it to go off?

In addition, there are some links listed that add to the discussion surrounding the P320.

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