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A Pen That Is A Gun! | The Braverman Stinger

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This episode just might prove that saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” That could be the case, especially when talking about the Braverman Stinger, which Patrick does. Here’s a look at this novel, interesting weapon that was lent to TFBTV courtesy of SAW INC.

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In the early 90’s RJ Braverman had a dream of making that saying a reality. Braverman teamed up with the American Derringer Company to produce this James Bond inspired pen gun. It is notable that the pen is NOT an NFA item and can be bought just like any other handgun. After parting ways with American Derringer Company, the RJ Braverman company didn’t last long with such a niche product.

Patrick got a chance to shoot one while at Triple C Range in Texas. The gun really does look like a pen that can be taken apart to form a tiny gun chambered in .22 long rifle. He demonstrates where the safety is and how it works, as well as how to reload it (which involves basically taking it apart). It’s obviously not a pen, he says, but it is an interesting thing to shoot, because who gets the chance to use a pen as a gun?

Patrick notes that this is obviously not very accurate and would probably only work if stuck into an orifice of the attacker. He takes it out on to the range for some tests, noting that the gun is very picky. He demonstrates how to handle it in order to fire it, and does a few test rounds. The mechanics are quirky, a lot of which involve removing various parts, sometimes with the help of small tools. It’s not a fast-shooting firearm, by any means — it takes him quite a long time to reload and fire again. In the end, Patrick found that it isn’t as practical as Mr. Braverman might have hoped.

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