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Pistol Comps Won’t Get You Killed

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The guys at TFB TV say that everyone has heard how comps will get people killed in the streets. So in this episode, Patrick tests the theory that a compensator will supposedly peel the skin from a person’s face and make his eyeballs pop out.

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Having a compensator on a carry gun or a ported barrel on a carry gun has many people saying things like the comp will set the shooter on fire or blind him. Patrick says other people have tested these comps, and nothing has happened to them.

Why are compensators needed? They are there to make the gun lie flat, and be able to get bullets on target, faster. Patrick tries shooting from the side and a little ways off, then closer to his side. While he did feel a gust of wind, it was only akin to sticking a hand out a car window while it’s running, he says. he also tried shooting with the ports facing him, and while he felt some particles, there was only some puffs of air coming out.

Why would anyone want to carry a gun with a compensator or a ported barrel? They shoot really flat, and for others, this setup works really well because of accuracy. His muzzle device is made to counter the barrel’s vertical movement, or “muzzle flip.” A compensator vents some of the gasses from a barrel vertically when shots are fired, so that the gasses force the muzzle back down on a target. Comps also serve to dampen recoil and reduce muzzle flash.

There’s no reason not to have them on a carry gun, Patrick concludes. He thinks gun manufacturers should offer more factory-compensated or ported option in their guns.

What he wants viewers to take away is the same thing Steve Fisher said when he tested comps and didn’t die, as well: shut up, internet.

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