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POF P308 vs Definitive Arms VEPR – Accuracy Challenge!

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In this video, the Military Arms Channel takes two rifles out for a head-to-head shoot-off. One is an AR, the POF P308 rifle, and the other is an AK, the Definitive Arms VEPR. Both are chambered in .308. When it comes to price, the VEPR is more expensive by around $350 because it is hand-tuned by a well-known gunsmith.

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Tim says he and Jason, the camera guy, were talking about how they couldn’t believe an AK could put down such accuracy in a previous video, so they decided to test the VEPR against Jason’s new POF. The POF has a lighter trigger, is extremely lightweight, has a short-stroke gas piston and a suppressor, and a scope. The VEPR has a long-stroke piston, a silencer, and a scope. The trigger on this one is nowhere near as light as the one on the POF.

They will be using the same ammunition, shooting three-shot groups to get an accurate representation of how the guns perform. Tim goes first with the VEPR, loaded with Prime ammunition. The targets are set up at 100 yards. Jason shoots with the POF, same ammunition. They both fire a second round each, and Tim remarks that mirage is starting to becoming a problem because of the heat. Jason says that the problem with the POF is that the trigger is so light that if a shooter is not careful, it can fire successive shots, like a machine gun.

Upon inspection, the first group from the POF measures around an inch and a half, while the VEPR made a tighter group at just under an inch. In the second group, the POF shot a one-inch group, and the VEPR shot the exact same size as the first group.

Tim and Jason try different kinds of ammunition just to check. Jason shoots three groups with the POF, and the POF fired between a half-inch to one inch and a half groups.

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