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Polish Vis 35 – the best pistol of WWII?

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In this video, Military Arms Channel tried some shooting with a piece of history. The piece of history being the Radom Vis 35. The 9mm handgun was designed before World War II. You may also hear it being referred to as the WZ 35. Vis is Latin for “power”, so it’s literally the Power 35.

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Poland was on and off the maps a lot throughout history. Leading up to World War I, Poland was owned and carved up by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. After World War I, the Polish wanted to re-establish their nationalism and be known as Poland. The Vis 35 was a result of that movement.

The handgun does borrow from a lot of contemporary designs of that era, but it can hold its own. Many collectors consider this handgun one of the best military pistols, if not the best military pistol. The Vis 35 was manufactured while Germany occupied Poland and it went on to become a very popular sidearm for the Germans and the Polish resistance.

The Vis 35 was tested using range ammunition from Freedom Munitions. It can more or less handle everything you feed into it. The magazine holds eight rounds. The handgun is a single-action handgun, meaning that if it’s going to be fired, the hammer has to be in the rear position. If the hammer is at rest, pulling the trigger does nothing. The weapon also has a grip safety.

The gun is very ergonomic and it manages recoil very effectively. There are three types of Vis 35: I, II, and III. They are available online. Expect to pay anywhere from 800 to 1100 dollars. As said earlier, it’s a cool piece of history and one of the best handguns of World War II. It’s a tough competitor for the Browning Hi Power. The handgun is very well-made despite it being one of the later-war production guns. But not to worry, even if you get a late-war production gun, it’s still very reliable.

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