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The Quietest Sniper Rifle Ever… and Why The Government Doesn’t Regulate It…

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Matt begins the video by showing viewers the air gun he used in other videos — the .50 cal Big Bore Dragon Claw — which has a barrel and two chambers. He says people can actually hunt with this, and he showed in the previous video how powerful it is.

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So he went to Airgun Depot again and got a new one that’s even cooler: the AirForce Texan. This air gun has what looks like a suppressor, and it really is a suppressor — an integrally suppressed air rifle. Why would there be a need to suppress an air gun? While this is quieter than a regular gunpowder firearm, an air gun can still be quite loud. Matt says your ears really ring, though not quite as long as the ringing that happens with a regular gun.

What he’s doing is putting his quiet guns side by side to compare the sounds they make. There’s the Dragon Claw without a suppressor, the Texan, the FNX 45 with a suppressor to represent regular guns. He’s got some targets that he’ll be missing on purpose.

He fires the 45 ACP without a suppressor, the air rifle without a suppressor, the suppressed 45 ACP, and the Texan. The Texan is indeed the quietest, and Matt explains the process. The Texan has been around for a while, but not the suppressed version. Matt also explains how Big Bore air rifles work, showing the parts of the Texan, such as the air tank, and walking viewers through the operating procedure. There’s a scope and a platform for your shoulder, no pads because it’s an air rifle so it doesn’t kick as much. He discusses the trigger and the safety, as well. He also shows how to fill the air rifle from the tank, and how long each refill lasts.

Then Matt takes the air rifle out for some shooting fun in the woods, of course.


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