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Remington MSR: The Special Forces MK 21 Sniper Rifle

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The boys at TFB TV present the Remington MSR, specifically the Special Forces MK 21 sniper rifle. In their caption, they mention that in 2009, the Precision Sniper Rifle program created the Remington MSR. This rifle is a modular sniper rifle that can get a good hit as far as 1500 meters. The MSR won the Precision Sniper Rifle competition and became the Mark 21 sniper rifle now used by the US Special Forces, among other special forces around the world.

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Here, Patrick takes a closer look at the MSR he used when he shot a man-sized target at 1760 yards. The rifle was loaned to him by friends, and he asked where he could go to really test it. They set him up with Geordie at the Outback Precision Rifle Club in Texas, and Patrick gives a quick look at how impressive this facility is – it took 20 minutes of driving at 50 miles per hour to get to the range.

Geordie got behind the MSR to verify that it was set up properly, and shot an inch and a quarter group at a hundred yards. Patrick then gets behind the gun and starts firing. The recoil is very manageable, he says, which is due to the muzzle brake.

The MSR was designed as a rifle that was accurate out to 1500 meters, with a folding stock, and the ability to change barrel lengths and calibers within minutes. It was designed as a one-package solution for soldiers, and Remington did a great job with it. It has a changeable bolt system, which is quick and easy to replace. The rifle ships in a Pelican storm case, and comes with a rifle bag, barrel sleeves, a deployment kit with tools, barrels, torque wrench, and more.

Patrick says it shoots pretty well, though there are some things he didn’t like: the trigger and the handguard. The trigger is a little on the rough side, but that can be changed.

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