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Remington RP9 – Another Lemon from Remington?

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In this episode of the Military Arms Channel, they talk about the Remington RP9. The last Remington products that they purchased were the original and new R51, which both had problems.

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Remington’s new entry into the full sized 9mm handgun market is striker fired. It does not have a hammer on it, but it has replaceable backpack straps and an ambi slide stop. Magazine release is not present on both sides. One must assume, given the cut of the magazine, that the magazine release can be reversed for left-handed shooters.

The handgun is very big and heavy. The slide on it is one huge chunk of steel. It’s similar to a Gloc, but the slide rails are absolutely massive. It has a lightweight polymer frame, but the slide is super heavy chunk of steel. They deduce that Remington made it this way so that they can chamber it in other calibers down the road. As a result, the gun is top heavy. The gun’s top heaviness is not really a bad thing unless you’re carrying it around. However, it is overbuilt.

The gun borrows pretty heavily from other guns in terms of design cues. The quality and machining on the RP9 looks very good, nicely made, and clean. When you put the gun back together, the ejector moves up and down. Make sure it’s down. The dots on the rear are very tiny and the sights are dovetailed in. The grip isn’t unnecessarily large and it has a nice big buttpad, which is good for protecting the magazine. 18 rounds on a full sized handgun is a good thing and is one up from the Gloc.

They tried the gun on a steel target 50 yards away. The gun is very shootable. The trigger looks a lot like a Gloc trigger and the gun has no safeties on it. The RP9 doesn’t seem to want to run with ball ammunition. Overall, they don’t recommend it.

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