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Review: Russian 1P63/PK1 Obzor combat optic

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The video does a review of the Russian 1P63/PK1 Obzor combat optic. The development of combat optics by Russian weapons companies has been unique, diverse and interesting. They have plenty of ideas to experiment with and do research on, which is why Russian optics are infamous for having some of both the best and the worst models available on the market.

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The 1P63/PK1 Obzor combat optic is one of the more modern, well-made optics by the Russians. It has been used in recent combat operations by the Russian armed forces because of its effectivity. It uses no batteries, leverages either ambient light or a tritium bulb in low light and has a reticule that changes based on light conditions.

The Obzor 1P63/PK1 is modular, easy to mount on an AK rail. Its two lighting mechanisms are its most brilliant features, as they adjust according to natural ambient light and in low light, so the target is always in sight even at times like dusk or early morning.

The glass on the optics gives a crystal-clear image, and there are two knobs to adjust for wind and elevation. This Obzor model is higher than normal American-made optics, requiring a chin weld instead of a cheek weld, primarily because the soldiers using this wear helmets that make a cheek weld impractical.

Another good thing about the Obzor 1P63/PK1 is that there is no loss of zero once you’ve put it on your gun and adjusted it accordingly. You can take it off, put it in your bag when not needed then put it back again, with no change in your previous adjustment, which is assuring. The lens has a pink hue due to a filter that the lighting mechanism uses, but it doesn’t detract from the target.

Those used to American-style optics might take a little getting used to when they buy and use this, but it’s well worth it as it’s impressive optics that has been tried and tested in battle.

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