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Ruger 22/45 Lite Mark III | Patrick’s Favorite Handgun

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Patrick takes a closer look at the Ruger 22/45 Lite Mark III – one of the best suppressor hosts a person can buy, and an awesome, lightweight .22 LR pistol. It’s Patrick’s favorite handgun for good reason.

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The Ruger 22/45 Lite was first introduced at SHOT Show 2012, and has since become a favorite among suppressor enthusiasts and backpackers. Unfortunately, the Mark III was retired from Ruger’s range last year, and replaced with the new and improved Mark IV.

The guys at TFB TV will be reviewing the new Mark IV, but Patrick wanted to give the old Mark III “some love.” He’s done some customization, so it’s not quite the original anymore. There’s a SilencerCo suppressor, he removed the loaded chamber indicator finger, a Vortex red-dot on a Barska mounting plate that slides into the rear dovetail. There’s also a Volquartsen hammer and trigger kit.

Patrick says this is one of the few pistols that he really enjoys spending a lot of time shooting. Not only is it a lot of fun to shoot, it helps with skill-building. He says that most viewers are familiar with the Ruger Mark series and the Ruger standard. This is the second variation, and since then, Ruger has brought out different colors and other features on the product range.

He takes the gun out to shoot it at the range, and says it really is great to use. There are a lot of people out there that think the 22/45 Lite is probably the greatest suppressor host, and he agrees. While there are a lot of good ones out there, none compare to this Ruger model. It’s incredibly quiet – he shoots into the dirt so that viewers can hear, and there is hardly any sound but for a dull thwack when the gun is fired.

Patrick says he’s very pleased with this, and can’t wait to see how the Mark IV compares.

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