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Ruger LC9S Review

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Ruger’s LC9 series is known for its size, weight and ease of use. LC9, which stands for “Lightweight Compact 9mm,” is a mere 6 inches long and 4.5 inches tall, with a 3.12-inch barrel. It only weighs 17.1 ounces with an empty magazine and has a black polymer frame with a blued alloy steel slide and barrel. Ruger LC9 pistols are sold with one magazine and two interchangeable base pads – one of them fits on the frame and the other one is a grip extension.

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Ruger LC9s are popular concealed and carry guns because of their size, but also because they are easy to handle, are reliable and accurate. This model was selected as the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence’s Handgun of the Year for 2011.

The Ruger LC9s is an updated model of the LC9 that is a striker-fired version. Fitted with short, light trigger pull for more accurate shooting, the LC9s is a bit larger than the LCP, but is still one of the slimmest and most compact handguns around for personal protection. The Ruger LC9s also maintains the LC9’s rugged construction plus has a checkered grip frame to provide users with a secure and comfortable grip.

Other features of the LC9s include a finger grip extension floorplate that can be added to the magazine, a dovetailed, 3-dot sight system with high visibility and an adjustable rear sight, an integrated trigger safety and manual safety, magazine disconnect, visual inspection port that lets users see if the chamber is empty or loaded. LC9s Pro models don’t have the manual safety and magazine disconnect features.

Starting at a price of $479, the Ruger LC9s remains true to Ruger standards of being one of the best-performing, hardiest and affordable handguns currently available. This little Ruger is a good buy for gun enthusiasts and for those looking for a personal defense weapon.

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