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In this video, 22plinkster presents the Ruger Mark 4 22/45 LITE. He says in October of 2016, Ruger released the Mark 4 and took the rimfire community by storm. He featured the Mark 4 in a couple of videos before, and one of the concerns was when Ruger would be releasing a threaded version that could take a suppressor. Here it is, now.

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He takes a few shots with it, and proceeds to discuss. The gun is a good shooter, and those who have own a Mark 3 LITE will be familiar with this new model. Ruger did change a few things on the Mark 4, such as the ambidextrous safety. Lefties can now use it easily. They kept the same takedown design – the one-button style on the rear of the firearm, so it’s simple to take apart and clean. However, the magazines on the Mark 4 are different, not compatible with the Mark 3 22/45 ones.

He admits he was not happy with the trigger on the Mark 3 at all; he thought they were quite heavy. Ruger fixed that by redesigning the trigger on this Mark 4 22/45 LITE, but the trigger is a still a little heavy. So he replaced it with a Volquartsen one.

He does say he thinks Ruger has hit a homerun with this new Mark 4, as it’s extremely light, the rear sight is fully adjustable, it has a target blacked-out front sight, and a stainless steel sleeve to help lighten the handgun. He has not had any malfunctions with all the kinds of ammunition he has used so far.

He tries to fire the gun some more to see if any problems arise, and there are none. He talks about the suppressor that’s on the Mark 4, as well. It’s from Aklys Defense and it is a light .22 caliber can –probably one of the lightest on the market.

He wishes they put a slingshot mode on the pistol, but is otherwise satisfied with how it shoots.

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