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This video shown to us by Vickers Tactical demonstrates the capabilities of the AK-12 and reminds us why this gun is favored by many.  Vickers Tactical shows off the various types of firing capabilities offered by this newer model rifle – it does it i more detail that most other videos do.

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The Russian Kalashnikov AK-12, formerly known as the АK-200, is one of the most modern offshoots of the Soviet/Russian AK-style of assault rifles. At one point in very recent history, the AK-12 was planned to be a generally issued service weapon for the Russian Army. However, sometime in late September 2013, the AK-12 was overruled for military use only to be considered again just 15 months later in Dec 2014.  That month it was announced that the gun had passed state tests and was being reconsidered along with its competitor, the A-545.

AK-12 Specs

  • Weight – 3.3 kg (7.28 lb)
  • Length – 945 mm (37.2 in) (725 mm stock folded)
  • Barrel length – 415 mm (16.3 in); Interchangeable
  • Cartridge – 5.45×39mm / 5.56×45mm NATO / 7.62×39mm  / 6.5 mm /  7.62×51mm NATO /  12 Gauge
  • Action – Gas-operated, long stroke gas piston, rotating bolt
  • Rate of fire – 650 (full auto) or 1000 (3-round burst) rounds/min
  • Muzzle velocity – 880–900 m/s (2,887–2,953 ft/s) with 5.45×39mm
  • Effective firing range – 600 m
  • Feed system – 30-round detachable box magazine, 60-round detachable casket magazine, 100-round detachable drum magazine
  • Sights – Iron sights; Picatinny rail provided for optics

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