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Savage MSR Patrol M4

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In this video, 22plinkster presents a brand-new rifle: the Savage MSR Patrol M4. He says Savage is releasing their new line of ARs, which will be called MSRs for Modern Sporting Rifle.

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He notes that while some people might think Savage is lagging behind on this trend, he says that the company put a lot of thought into the matter. The guns have been in development for a long time now, and the reasons they’re making them now are many. Primarily, Savage makes highly accurate rifles at an excellent value, and they wanted to retain their affordable price points while still producing quality AR rifles.

He’s holding a bare-bones Patrol rifle, which doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. But the gun has Black Hawk furniture on it, which is a win. It retails for around $850 now.

He says the MSR Patrol is a good rifle; he’s had it for several weeks now and has put plenty of rounds through it. It’s been dependable, and the only thing he’d change is the trigger. He admits he’s a trigger snob, so he finds fault with it.

22plinkster goes on to describe the gun and its specs, and show its parts to viewers, as well as discuss what comes when it ships. He has added an optic on it, as well. It was created for the entry-level shooter who wanted to get a start on shooting ARs.

He does some firing to test accuracy, using some plastic bottles, cans of snow, bowling pins, steel plates and watermelons. He warns that the gun is louder than a .22 rifle, but proves that it is a good shooter as there are no malfunctions.

He tries keeping the red dot on to do some 100-yard shooting from the bench, just to see how the Patrol would do without optics. He fires a few rounds and on inspection, the paper target shows a very tight grouping, and he even hits the bulls-eye – all in all, a spectacular showing of accuracy from both 22plinkster the Savage MSR Patrol.

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