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How To Shoot A Gun (New Shooters) – What To Expect – Pro Shooter Tips

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This video was made for first-time shooters, to give them a hand on shooting for beginners, including what to do, how it feels like and more. Kirsten begins by saying she was surprised to hear that a lot of viewers have never actually shot a gun. While she says there might be many different reasons for not picking up a gun, she’s here to help, concentrating on the bolt-action rifle, because she really believes that is the best gun to start with.

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Before starting, she says safety is always the first thing to learn. The four basic rules of safety are: always point the gun in a safe direction, treat every gun as if it were loaded, keep fingers off the trigger until ready to fire and know your target and what’s beyond it. Beginners can benefit from the buddy system, bringing along someone more experienced or get involved with a club. You can also go to a public range day and ask for help from those around.

She starts by showing her grandfather’s gun, which was her first gun. She then shows the basic parts of a gun: the butt end, plate and stock, the bolt and safety, trigger, trigger guard, scope, open sights, barrel, crown. She then demonstrates basic operation: load the gun into the chamber, take the bolt, slide it in, lock it, press the trigger. It’s a good idea to dry fire before shooting for those starting out. After shooting, lift the bolt and pull back to eject the shot.

One of the things people worry about is recoil, but the solution is simple. Just lean into the gun, seat it on your shoulder, which she demonstrates. She then does some live shots, and points out ear and eye protection before she does, and demonstrates how to load, fire and eject.

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